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Fanfic Writing Meme

1. How about a brief introduction of yourself?

2. And what got you into fanfiction to begin with?

3. What kind of fanfiction do you like to write?

4. Do you tend to write the same pairings/characters? Or are you a fandom whore?

5. What is your most popular fanfic and why do you think people like it so?

6. Forget other people...what is the fanfic you've written that you're most proud of?

7. Do you find writing easy? Hard? What are the most difficult aspects of writing?

8. Write a few sentences or so of your favorite pairing or character.

9. Are there any fanfiction trends/cliches that you're sick of?

10. Are you guilty of any of these? Or have you committed other crimes?

11. What was the first fandom you wrote for? Do you continue to like/participate in it?

12. Name your OTPs or most frequently written pairings/characters and explain what it is about them that you love to write.

13. What would you call your writing "style"?

14. Do you read other people's fanfics? If so, what do you find yourself reading the most?

15. Name one thing you'd LOVE to write but haven't yet.

16. Do you have trouble taking criticism? Or worse yet, do you have a really bloated ego?

17. When you write is there anything that helps? Music? Quiet room?

18. What inspires you?

19. Lastly, how would you sum up your fanfiction experiences and yourself as a writer?
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